The Bristol Bridge Competition: Brunel 200 – THE CLIFTON CROSSING

The Brunel 200 competition presents the opportunity to address similar issues that Brunel himself addressed nearly 200 years ago. The scenic site at Avon Gorge and the historic section of Bristol that border the river demand an innovative and contextual response to the project criteria. The design concept has been developed with both a focus on the pragmatic issues, as well as, an emphasis on an architectural icon that will stand the test of time.

The conceptual proposal calls for a modern concrete piered system with composite tensile cables pressing up on a central member. The effect is much the same as a tensile truss and has the appearance of an inverted suspension bridge. The resulting profile creates “the Icon”, a new symbol for the city of Bristol. The inversion of the suspension bridge archetype is a direct salute to the original camera room in Bristol.

The bridge design addresses the program with full toll facilities, two facilities, two lanes of traffic in either direction, bike trails, and observation/community facilities. We have also included an emergency lane to further connect both sides of the bridge and provide unimpeded maintenance access. The bridge piers are substantially over-weighted to counteract the loading per HA standards for wind, earthquake and terrorism.

The New Icon of the New Bristol.

Competition executed by Al Miller and Ben Harper.